Aesthetic Laser

Although non-invasive, laser treatments may pose some risks. These can range from temporary scarring to hyperpigmentation, redness, infection, and/or laser eye damage.

Warning: Cosmetic lasers are high-powered, high-priced pieces of equipment that should only be used by trained professionals.

Want to qualify as an Aesthetic Laser Therapist?

The most comprehensive aesthetic laser training course available in SA.

We’ll teach you how to administer 42 laser, light & electro treatments using 15 different applications.

  • Elevate your knowledge
  • Boost Your Experience
  • Amplify your income potential
  • Specialized hands-on Aesthetic Laser Training

Aesthetic Laser Therapist Complete Course

Equipment and Education Funding

All About Lasers have teamed up with a reputable funding company that offers affordable and low interest study loans and funding for salon equipment.

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