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The Benefits of Aesthetic Laser Equipment.

That will see your Salon Turnover increasing rapidly!

Aesthetic Laser Treatment represents a strong business opportunity and provides the ability to treat clients with confidence.

Aesthetic Lasers are easy to operate for the Laser Therapist and deliver consistent results. Clients love the fact that it is a fast, effective, and convenient treatment compared to cosmetic surgery!

Sessions vary between 30 and 60 minutes and depending on the procedure, often require follow-up sessions which will be a major benefit to your salon!

The Different Types of Aesthetic Laser Equipment.


This laser produces a wavelength that can pass through a red spectrum using a green gem. Blood vessels can be treated using alexandrite. It can also be used to remove tattoos and laser hair.

c02 lasers

In order to produce infrared light from an ablative laser, gas is used in the co2 laser. For laser skin resurfacing, co2 lasers are commonly implemented.


Erbium creates an infrared laser using a white metal. Erbium lasers are frequently used for laser skin resurfacing and for reducing the visibility of scars.


Red and brown pigments can both be penetrated by the powerful pulsed light that IPL lasers produce. People who want to simultaneously treat brown patches and irritated blood vessels frequently use the IPL laser.


The ND:YAG laser generates near-infrared light using a crystal. Brown patches are frequently diminished in appearance with this laser. It is also excellent for laser tattoos and hair removal.

Pulsed Color

The yellow wavelength of light that the pulsed dye laser emits penetrates red pigment, making it perfect for lessening the appearance of blood vessels and acne scars.


Short, strong light pulses are produced by the Q-switched laser. This laser is used to remove tattoos and treat discoloration.

We often get asked:

Which laser is the best laser?

There is not quick answer to this.

We believe that the best way to demonstrate it is to ask: “Which of the knives in your kitchen drawer is better?”  Obviously the one more suitable for the goal at hand!

The same with laser. Although most machines have more than one functionality, you have to determine what is the goal at hand and choose the correct equipment accordingly.

A few factors to take into consideration:

• Know your clients

What is your goal? Which type of solutions would you like to offer your clients? There are different solutions for different types of concerns – Body treatments, slimming, facial impairments, hair removal…

• Know your equipment

Will this machine offer this client the best results for this specific skin impairment? Which treatment parameters are applicable to this machine, eg J/cm2, nm, Hz, etc.

• Know your stuff

Thorough training will ensure that you understand how that laser application works. You will have a better understanding of when treatment will be successful, and when it will not. Is someone is offering you a 2 hour training session of a machine, ask why a workshop at a reputable company like the Aesthetic Laser Academy takes 3 days…

• Trust your Supplier

Do they have spare parts of your machine in stock, or do you need to wait 4 weeks to have it imported? Do they have trained Technicians who can repair your machine or can they only offer replacement parts at a higher cost? How long is your warranty? Do they offer a service plan? Remember that Sales Reps are focused on selling, they might exaggerate a little to close the deal…

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All our machines are suitable to use on all skintypes (Fitzpatrick 1 to 6)

Aesthetic Laser Equipment for Sale

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